Hypatia was discovered by our scientists in their search to find intelligent life on other planets. Incredibly, not only did they find a habitable planet, they soon found out that there was life on it- and a lot of it! 

About Hypatia

There is a special constellation that can be seen from Earth, called Draco. In this constellation, there is a star named Iota Draconis. This is where Hypatia is orbiting, supporting life beyond our imagination. This planet is surprisingly similar to our Earth, with a few notable quirks. One of those quirks- there were dragons!

*Read about the real world planet Hypatia here*

Upon the initial landing, the evidence of life was immediate- bushes were rustling and the calls of unknown beasts could be heard in the distance.


Scientists have been researching, exploring, and documenting ever since. They are slowly organizing and publicizing their discoveries, mostly focusing on dragons, but they are also taking notes on flora, other fauna, and anything else that may be of interest.

Planet Hypatia

The first glimpse of planet Hypatia

The Dragons

The different breeds of dragons appear to be separated into two main groups- elemental and basic

Elemental Dragons

Elemental dragons have a slightly different genetic make up than basic dragons, causing some combinations to hatch completely different elemental dragons. It is a fascinating process, and we aren't sure how a cloud dragon and a sun dragon will hatch a rainbow or shadow dragon every time, or other such combinations. We estimate to have knowledge of less than 8% of existing elemental dragons.

Elemental dragons are divided into three categories: earth, water, and air. Some are pure elements, called primary dragons. Others elemental dragons are called hybrids, containing two or three elements. They are categorized as secondary, tertiary, quaternary, and so on. 

Basic Dragons

Though basic dragons have not been studied and documented as extensively as elemental dragons, they are still an exciting sight. One day, scientists would like to focus more on basic dragons, but as of right now, there are not enough resources or finances to dedicate much time. That being said, any basic dragons of note will be further researched and documented!